TrainingSuite is a software which computes the gaps between what a trainee already knows and what (s)he has to learn to fly the target aircraft. This computation is done based on an automatic comparison of two models: a model of the aircrafts SOPs the pilot already knows and a model of the aircrafts SOPs the pilot needs to learn. This artificial intelligence algorithm is the heart of TrainingSuite.
The second main part of the software is the graphical editor which takes the output of the comparison as input and allows to create the training syllabus in a very efficient and intuitive way. The editor shows a Novelty Score which indicates for each learning item how new it will be for the trainee. By drag and drop the instructor chooses learning items and adds it to a lesson. Each element added to the lesson, adds something to the novelty score – this corresponds to the learning workload for each lesson, i.e. the higher the novelty bar is filled, the more workload for the trainee. In this way the instructor can clearly see if the lesson will produce too low or too high learning workload, or if it is perfectly suited!

Currently the following aircraft models are available for TrainingSuite:
  • A320
  • B737
  • B777
Further models will be added as needed by you! This is part of our services to our customers.

And the best is: Since TrainingSuite is model-based, it can automatically track the fulfilment of all OSD and FCL Requirements, which will leverage this tedious work from your trainers, giving them more time to focus on the actual training content! TrainingSuite allows exporting the Syllabus to your custom template, freeing the trainer from time consuming formatting work, achieving a high level of standardisation.

We offer the following services for the TrainingSuite:
  • We offer training to your instructors to support the first application of the tool.
  • We offer to implement your templates, such that you get your Syllabi in the way you need it.
  • We offer to model exactly those aircraft that you train. Currently the following aircraft models can be used for Transition Training:
    • A320
    • B737
    • B777
And of course we will support you by providing the usual maintenance and support options.

Individualized Training
Pilots who undergo transition training have different backgrounds. Currently this is not exploited/considered. All pilots get the same training. With TrainingSuite the syllabus is tailored to what the pilots already knows. TrainingSuite takes explicitly into account which aircraft the trainee has flown before. Some aspects of the target aircraft will be new some will be known. TrainingSuite supports training from the “known” to the “unknown”.
Increase Efficiency
TrainingSuite allows to generate Syllabi that are optimized to what the trainee already knows from aircraft flown before. In this way lessons with new contents will get more space while other lessons that are known will be shorter. In this way efficiency is increased dramatically.
Automatic Licence Requirements Check
TrainingSuite not only comes with sanity checks during lesson creation, it also automatically checks if a lesson prepared with the software fulfils all OSD (Operational Suitability Data) and FCL (Flight Crew Licence) requirements. Thus, saves hours of work of syllabus checking.
Visual Editor
TrainingSuite provides a visual editor that allows creation of syllabi by drag and drop. All necessary information that is needed in the syllabus can be specified in the tool, independent from the format the syllabus is distributed and used in the company. This leverages the trainer from formatting the syllabus, and allows focusing on planning the lessons. The tool allows export in any custom format the ATO or customer asks for.
Predictable Training Success
TrainingSuite allows to focus on those aspects of the training where most likely more training effort is needed. TrainingSuite give space to these lessons. In this way, training is perfectly adapted to the needs of the trainees and training success becomes much more likely and thus predictable.
Increased Training
Today, training is often adapted to the needs of the trainees by the trainer. This very often leads to good results, but at the same time these adaptations are ad hoc and not documented and cannot be reused in other lessons. TrainingSuite allows to do these adaptations before the training and in a systematic way reusable by all trainers. Furthermore, TrainingSuite allows to adapt the syllabus based on scientifically proven method.
Image of Andreas Lüdtke, Jan-Patrick Osterloh and Frank Rister
Left to right: Andreas Lüdtke, Jan-Patrick Osterloh and Frank Rister

Frank Rister founded truestream aerospace ( in 2008 and has since then focused his work on human-centred research, development and certification in flight training, flight deck design and flight test. He holds a master degree in aeronautical engineering and human factors and graduated from the National Test Pilot School in 2013 as certification test pilot. He is an instructor and examiner on A320 and B737 and works as a test pilot in the SpaceJet project. Frank crossed Andreas’ and Jan-Patrick’s paths in 2008 and jointly worked with them in EU-research projects such as HUMAN, D3CoS, SESAR and Holides. TrainingSuite evolved out of this collaboration.
Andreas Lüdtke studied computer science at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg where he received his diploma degree in 1997. In 2004 he received a Ph.D. summa cum laude degree (Dr. rer nat.) for his research work on cognitive models of human decision making during cockpit system development. This research has been performed in cooperation with Lufthansa Flight Training in Bremen, Germany. Since January 2004 Andreas works at the Department for Transportation at the OFFIS computer science research institute ( where he has build up and leads the research group on human-centered design. He published more than 100 paper and gave numerous talks at conferences and workshops. In 2014 he founded the software company Humatects GmbH ( The company offers services for designing and programming Human-Machine Interaction (HMI).
Jan-Patrick Osterloh received his diploma degree in Computer Science in 2005 at the Department of Computing Science of the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg. His diploma thesis was about the perceptual component of a cognitive model. He started to work at the Department for Transportation at OFFIS in 2005, and is working since 2008 in the Human-centred Design group on the development of cognitive models for prediction of pilot behaviour and on cognitive engineering. He was involved in the EU projects D3CoS and HoliDes where TrainingSuite was researched and developed. In D3CoS and HoliDes he developed the software for editing SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) as well as the TrainingSuite itself, including the artificial intelligence algorithm for comparing different models of SOPs.
D3CoS (Designing Dynamic Distributed Cooperative Human-Machine Systems) was an EU funded project from 2008 to 2010. In D3CoS the project partner’s truestream aerospace and OFFIS e.V. had the idea for a tool that improves the transition training. These three organisation started with the formal modelling of SOPs, by defining the formal language which can be processed by a computer. Based on this language, we developed an editor for modelling SOPs. Lufthansa Aviation Training participated to the concept definition for the tool and performed first tests of the software. This project was the beginning of TrainingSuite.
HoliDes (Holistic Human Factors and System Design of Adaptive Cooperative Human-Machine Systems) was a follow-up project of D3CoS. OFFIS and truestream aerospace continued their work on TrainingSuite. They developed an artificial intelligence algorithm that allows comparison between different models of aircraft SOPs. A syllabus editor was researched which uses the results of the comparison as input and allows to create adapted training syllabi. The concept fo a Novelty Score was defined and added to the editor. The TrainiSuite approach was scientifically evaluated in three transition trainings performed at Lufthansa Aviation Training facilities in Berlin. Three crews with a valid B737 licence have been trained on the A320. After 8 lessons, a check has been performed by the German aviation authorities, where all crews passed. In order to gain scientific insights into the learning process, we also developed the TrainingManager as part of the TrainingSuite. The TrainingManager is a tool for gathering numeric ratings during the training, which allowed us to evaluate the learning process of the crews. Results showed that with our Trainings, already in lesson 8 the learning progress is stabilised at a high rate. At the end of the HoliDes project, Humatects, a spin-off company of OFFIS, bought the TrainingSuite from OFFIS to start commercial exploitation of the tool in cooperation with truestream aerospace. Lufthansa Aviation Training is the first customer and talks with further potential customers have started.
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